SOME GAME PRODUCTS appear in syndication or were customized and re-branded for Big Fish, MSN, Shockwave, Yahoo!, iWin, Reflexive, etc. Word and logic games such as daily crossword, Jumble and Sudoku appear in leading news sites such as the Washington Post, LA Times, Miami Herald and USA Today. Downloadable games such as Wordsense Challenge and Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters also appear as online games. Some games are by subscription, some have run their product life and no longer available. Merlin’s Quest had a run on Shockwave for over 10 years!

10 Minute Tank Blast, Playtonium
3D Snowflake, Playtonium
Air Hockey, Playtonium
Alphazoo, Playtonium
American Space Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Angels and Other Fantastic Creatures Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Animals of Africa Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Annual Interactive Promo Diskettes, Dept of Advertising and Graphic Design, ACC
ArtQuest children”s interactive introduction, Green Hill Center for NC Art
Atlantic Lighthouses Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Atomic Pongling, Playtonium
Audubon’s Birds of America Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Bird’s Eye, Playtonium
Brain Voyager Educational Games, University of Florida
Bratz Babyz, MGA
Bratz Candy Pop Bling, MGA
Bratz Decorate Your Rockin’ Room, MGA
Bratz Diamondz Glam Match, MGA
Bratz Mermaidz Match, MGA
Brunch In Manhattan, Playtonium
Bud Lite Bubble Boy Hockey, ESPN
Bud Lite Quarter Bouncers, ESPN
Buggy Bop Jungle Air Hockey, Playtonium
Captain Kidd’s Caribbean FreeCell, Shockwave
Celebration of America Jigsaw Puzzle Pack
, Playtonium
Coca-Cola Holidays Caravan Driving Game, Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Holidays Rooftop Scamp Game, Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Holidays Sled Racing Game, Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Holidays Tree Decorating, Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Racing Family Pit Stop Game, Coca-Cola
Corporate Reorganization Plan, Henry Wurst Inc.
Daily Crossword, Uclick
Playtonium Daily Jigsaw, Playtonium
Jumble Daily, Uclick
Edy’s Ice Cream Cone Toss Game, Fox
Enchanted Forest Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Fence Builder, Playtonium
Flexicon, Boxerjam
FoxKids Pie Throwing Game, Fox
Garfield Goes to Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Goal Stopper, Playtonium
Halloween Carnival, Playtonium
Hitori, Uclick
Hollywood Showdown, Boxerjam
Jumble Jong, Uclick
Jumble Kids, Uclick
Jumble Solitaire, Uclick
Jumble Word Vault, Uclick
Jumble Word Web, Uclick
Jumpin’ Jumble, Uclick
Kakuro, Uclick
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Supercharged Hockey Bowl, Clarion
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Supercharged Kick Game, Clarion
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Supercharged Slam Dunk Game, Clarion
Kites! Shockwave
Komso Girl, Playtonium
Las Vegas Furniture Trade Show Jigsaw, Reed Business
Macaroni Code

Maxim Twelve Girls of Christmas
Masyu, Uclick
Mega Flexicon, Boxerjam
Mega Monty, Boxerjam
Merlin’s Quest, Shockwave
Mythology college online course, UNCG
NAMB Strategic Resources, North American Mission Board
Nurikabe Green World, Uclick
Pardon My Words (Hangman), Uclick
Pat Sajak’s Code Letter Crosswords, Uclick
Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters, Uclick
Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters TV Guide Edition, Uclick
Pat Sajak’s Trivia Gems, Uclick
Patterns in Nature Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Pinball Escape, Playtonium
Playtonium E-Card Creator, Playtonium
Playtonium E-Cards, Playtonium
Playtonium Hockey, Playtonium
Playtonium Jigsaw Creator, Playtonium
Playtonium Multi-Bowling, Playtonium
Pongling, Playtonium
Penalty Kick Challenge, PSN
Rollercoaster Solitaire, Shockwave
Sandbox Aerial Freestyle Skiing, Sandbox
Sandbox Cliff Luge, Sandbox
Sandbox Half Pipe Skateboarding, Sandbox
Sandbox Ice Hockey, Sandbox
Sandbox Snowboard Racing, Sandbox
Shelfball, ESPN
Shockwave Baseball, Shockwave
Shockwave Multi-Bowling, Shockwave
Sk8, Alien, Sk8!, UNCG
Sketch and Send Studio, Playtonium
Solitaire Saloon, Playtonium
Spider Monkey Solitaire, Shockwave
Sports Match, Playtonium
Spot the Difference, MSN
Strike A Match, Boxerjam
Sudoku Daily, Uclick
Sudoku Too Instant Messenger game, MSN
Sumo Guys 
Sunny Delight Shining Sports Super Star Game, Fox
Surgical Technology Skills Builder, Piedmont Triad Partnership
TCBY Flying Toppings Game, Fox
Tic-A-Tac Royale, Uclick
Tower Up, Shockwave
TV Guide Trivia, Uclick
Universal Trivia, Uclick
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Agent?, Jefferson Pilot
Winter Holidays Jigsaw Puzzle Pack, Playtonium
Word Express, Shockwave
Word Roundup Hollywood Edition, Shockwave
Wordsense Challenge, Playtonium
Xtreme Racer, Playtonium
Yabusame, Coca-Cola Japan
Yabusame 2, Coca-Cola Japan
Yahoo! Crossword With Hints (Search Engine Game), Yahoo!